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    free invoicing software for small business software is not for accountants or bookkeepers. It is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who run small service businesses.
    Most people who run businesses think bookkeeping is incidental. Having to keep track of the money, they think, takes too much time away from real business. But running a small business is not like running a large corporation. In the corporate environment, you have the benefit of a uniformly organized system of financial accounting. In a small business, however, you have to keep track of your finances using whatever system makes sense to you.
    The owner of the sandwich shop, for example, might keep receipts in a notebook. The plumber keeps his expenses recorded on a dry-erase board. And of course, the accountant keeps everything on a spreadsheet.
    There are, however, some advantages to using a system. If you use a spreadsheet, for example, you can look up each month’s expenses to see what you spent. And a spreadsheet is where you can record all your income and expenses, in one place.
    But a spreadsheet is not designed for keeping track of business expenses. You can’t enter a receipt directly into a spreadsheet; you have to attach a memo to the receipt with a description of the expense, or copy and paste the receipt into a separate document and copy it into the spreadsheet.
    Invoice software is designed for businesses. You enter all your expenses into invoices, and the software does the rest. It keeps track of your cash flow, calculates the sales tax you owe, and generates all the documents you need for filing, including your receipts.
    Invoice software is not for everyone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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